Neighborhood and Community Planning Overview

In order for the efforts of YNDC to transform and revitalize Youngstown’s neighborhoods to be effective, they must be guided by data-driven analysis and transformative strategies tailored to meet the community’s collective vision for the future. In order to understand that vision and determine appropriate programming to achieve it, YNDC works closely with the community, City of Youngstown, and Youngstown State University Center for Urban and Regional Studies to develop neighborhood plans and strategies that guide our collective work. These planning documents are founded in thoughtful research and authentic community processes.

Efforts by YNDC and its partners to implement comprehensive neighborhood plans have leveraged over $10 million in reinvestment in Youngstown’s neighborhoods since 2009.

The neighborhood action plans address housing and property issues, such as a need for code enforcement, demolition, housing repairs, or debris cleanup; infrastructure issues, or the repair of non-functioning street lights; safety concerns, and recommendations for encouraging economic development and community building.

Many challenges and opportunities that face Youngstown’s neighborhoods must be examined at the city-wide level in order to develop an effective approach to addressing them.

In 2014, an analysis of Youngstown’s housing market was completed based on a similar model developed by Alan Mallach, with the Center for Community Progress.