Youngstown Botanical Garden Connects Community on West Indianola Avenue

At the Youngstown Botanical Garden, Eric Jones took the things that he loves; landscaping, planning and design; and created a space where he can share his passions with the youth in the community.

Eric’s father is an avid gardener and the father and son duo have been partners in the project from the very beginning. Eric hopes to attract motivated young people to the garden, located on West Indianola Avenue in Youngstown. He plans to host classes, workshops, events, and parties.  

The garden has four priorities: to educate, motivate, congratulate, and celebrate. Through education, young people will become motivated. They can discover their passions, develop and achieve goals, experience success, and celebrate their successes. 

Purchased in 2010, the property has developed into an impressive garden, with significant meaning in every piece of the land. For Eric, family is his priority.  “This is all for my boys” he said. He wants to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Each section of the garden holds personal meaning and has been intentionally crafted with plants that embody symbolism of connection to the community and connection to God. Every section of the garden has its own story. Each plant is thoughtfully chosen and placed in a specific area with intention. 

The entire project holds great spiritual significance for Eric. “This is my expression of God’s love.” Thyme is an overall theme throughout the garden, with abundant patches of of thyme varieties scattered throughout each section. “You have to take the time, you have to set aside the time, and sacrifice the time to create this space.” He hopes the garden will be a place of exploration, serenity, creativity, and connection.