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Green spaces not only provide recreation and natural beauty but stabilize property values of nearby neighborhoods. Green spaces like parks offer assets that attract people and development.

With Youngstown Councilwoman Amber White again seeking Wednesday to repeal $1.3 million in American Rescue Plan spending her predecessor got approved in her last meeting for a park project, the board of control called a special meeting for earlier that day to vote on signing the contract.

City council agreed to increase the amount of a remediation and partial demolition of 20 Federal Place by more than 22% to correct a mistake when the initial legislation was approved and to cover additional costs for the work.

A restaurant on Youngstown’s South Side is celebrating its first year of being open and the revitalization of businesses in the area. Savannah Joe’s is on Glenwood Avenue.

On March 21 at 5 p.m., a presentation was given to the Justice Roundtable of the Dorothy Day House summarizing the work in the past year of concerned citizen in Youngstown uniting as SOBE Concerned Citizens to prevent pyrolysis next to our revitalized downtown.