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The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., which serves as the city’s planning agency, is having public meetings, starting Wednesday, to obtain public input on its “neighborhood-conditions report.”

As the Route 422 corridor redevelopment plan gets fine-tuned, those leading the charge should consider sustainability and include Vibrant Northeast Ohio in the process.

A 287-page report relating to the condition of Youngstown’s neighborhoods provides some facts about the aging, shrinking city that should serve as a wake-up call for residents and others who believe that its viability is crucial to the Mahoning Valley’s well-being.

As possible plans and strategies for the state Route 422 corridor redevelopment plan began coming to light Tuesday night, residents and county officials displayed cautious optimism with the findings.

An ambitious plan to redevelop the U.S. Route 422 corridor includes increased industrial areas, more lighting, medians, sidewalks, bike paths and improvements to neighborhoods.