How to Navigate Youngstown’s Housing Market with Homeowner Assistance Programs - Mahoning Matters

As the prices for almost everything go up, the average American’s confidence in successfully owning a home one day is decreasing. “If anyone is in the market for buying a house, you’ll realize how difficult it is and how expensive it is. Home prices and mortgage rates have both gone up. For anyone to be able to afford a house in Ohio, it’s really difficult,” said Ohio Treasurer of State Robert Sprague. FINDING AFFORDABLE HOUSING Access to affordable housing means the price of renting your space takes up around 30% of your income each year. That means not all of your paycheck goes to housing; there’s 70% left over for utilities, health bills, food, gas, leisure, savings, and everything in between. 

Alex Viglio is a housing counselor with the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation.

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