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ACTION and the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. are sponsoring a free bus trip to Columbia, S.C., to confront Vision Property Management about its housing practices in the city.

When an East Side woman learned she could enter into a land contract – or a lease-to-own agreement – instead of renting, she thought it would leave more money in her pocket.

Across Youngstown, much work is underway to revitalize neighborhoods. The work done by larger groups is easily noticed – countering blight by tearing down houses beyond repair are community efforts that draw dozens – and then there the everyday efforts by residents in their neighborhoods that lay the foundation for those big projects.

The Taft Promise Neighborhood program has worked with 61 organizations, businesses and community groups to improve the 1.3-square-mile neighborhood. 

The Western Reserve Port Authority will move to purchase a property on Glenwood Avenue on the south side of Youngstown to assist the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation in its economic development efforts.