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For far too many individu- als in our state and region, pursuing the American dream too often descends into living an American nightmare.

The image of America’s housing crisis is of pricey, increasingly unaffordable housing in superstar cities. And there is too little housing—a scarcity—in those places. But there is another, even more disturbing side to America’s housing crisis: vacancy, and in some cases hyper-vacancy, in the nation’s hard-pressed Rust Belt cities.

There were more than 47,000 land contracts in Ohio between January 2008 and January 2018, according to a report released Friday and written by Policy Matters Ohio researcher Victoria Jackson.

Buying a home is a long and difficult process in and of itself. A quicker route is through a land contract but is it safe?

In less than an hour, more than 200 years of Mahoning Valley history had come full circle.