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YNDC Increases Efforts to Address Problem Properties

Thursday, January 30, 2014

YNDC has increased efforts to address the condition of blighted, vacant, and other nuisance properties after completing multiple housing action plans. Problem properties are currently being targeted and provided the information on the violations, possible ramifications, and alternatives to address the issues. YNDC has completed its first mailing notifying problem property owners in Powerstown, Garden District, Cornersburg, and the Glenwood Corridor. Additional activity is being processed for Rocky Ridge, Crandall Park, Indian Village, and the US422 Corridor study area. The first round of mailings to property owners in Powerstown, the Garden District, and along the Glenwood Corridor has resulted in 65 owners responding and agreeing to make significant repairs to their properties, 5 demolitions, and the donation and pending donation of 3 properties for rehabilitation. The data collected for the housing action plans also enabled the Mahoning County Land Bank to request several million in additional demolition funds that it otherwise would not have been able to request. As a result of the housing action plan in Powerstown, an Action Team has developed to implement the plan including: YNDC, City of Youngstown Property Maintenance Enforcement, Mahoning County Land Bank, 7th Ward Citizens Coalition, Powerstown Block Watch, and Councilman John R. Swierz. The Action Team has begun work planning a workday to board ten properties, prioritizing properties for code enforcement and demolition, and notifying all property owners of issues and programs available to assist owner occupants. More exciting developments related to these efforts will be announced in the coming months.