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Volunteers Board and Clean Up 7 Vacant Homes at Glenwood Community Workday

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On Saturday, August 23rd, volunteers cleaned and boarded up 7 vacant homes, multiple vacant lots, and two vacant commercial garages along the Glenwood Corridor on Youngstown's south side. The workday was planned as a collaboration effort between YSU’s University Scholars, the INA, YNDC, Councilwoman Annie Gillam, and community volunteers. In addition to boarding 7 structures, volunteers removed 60 tires, 30 cubic yards plus 20 bags of trash, and 50 cubic yards of debris from the properties and scraped 660 linear feet of sidewalk in the surrounding area. Thank you to all of our volunteers for another great workday!

The next neighborhood workday is the United Way Day of Caring schedule for Friday, September 5th on Youngstown’s north side.

For more information about the next workday or to get involved in other neighborhood revitalization efforts, please contact Jack Daugherty via email at or via phone at 330.480.0423.