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Vacant Home Grass Cutting Begins

Thursday, April 23, 2015

On Monday, April 20th, YNDC began cutting grass at unmaintained vacant homes, cutting more than 375 vacant homes in their first week.

New staff are currently being trained and additional teams will be deployed across the city in the coming weeks. YNDC is using a data driven process to determine the location of properties, but will still need to rely on neighbors to identify new structures not being maintained. Owners of vacant homes that do not cut grass at their property will be charged $150 per cut by the City of Youngstown.

Residents should contact the City of Youngstown, Street Department at 330.744.3179 to report the location of vacant homes where the grass is not being cut. Please do not call YNDC. All complaints and reports must go through the City of Youngstown.