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South Side Revitalization Project

Friday, December 30, 2016

YNDC, the Youngstown Police Department, and Youngstown State University are finalizing a plan for crime reduction and neighborhood improvement in a target area on the South Side of Youngstown. The area is bounded by Hillman Street, Midlothian Boulevard, Shady Run Road, and I-680, and has the highest rate of concentrated crime in the city. YSU researchers analyzed data provided by YPD to identify crime hotspots, which include locations along Market Street and South Avenue, as well as neighborhoods both east and west of South Avenue.

Throughout the summer, YNDC neighborhood canvassers went door-to-door to identify the primary concerns of community members and to obtain input on potential solutions to address these issues. Residents identified increased law enforcement presence, blight remediation, and additional youth activities and opportunities as key to improving the target area. The planning team is using community input, data analysis, and problem-oriented policing research to develop strategies to reduce crime and improve quality of life in the target area. The project has already included several implementation activities, including a small grant program for South Avenue businesses to make safety improvements related to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED. These improvements will be made in early 2017. This project was supported by Award No.2015-AJ-BX-0012 awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, US Department of Justice.

The project and its strategies are summarized and illustrated on the document available for download below.