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Youngstown Park Breaks Ground, Excites Community Leaders - WFMJ

The Lincoln Knolls Community broke ground on a new park today. 

Residents led the project, and they're thrilled to have a new park in the area because it's going to bring a healthy lifestyle to the people of their community.

Marguerite Douglas, VP of Lincoln Knolls Community Watch, says that they believe in a healthy lifestyle. 

"Because we believe in physical fitness and again it's about healthy physical activity, so we know that the children, as well as youth and adults, will utilize this exercise equipment. We know that everyone will benefit from this playground," says Douglas. 

This is the first phase of a project that has been years in the making. 

The Lincoln Knolls Community Watch is working closely with the city of Youngstown, Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, and other community leaders to develop a plan and help upgrade the amenities and conditions of Lincoln Knolls Community Park. 

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