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Youngstown Leaders Watch Blighted Properties Come Down - WKBN

Local leaders got to see the progress of The Ohio Army National Guard’s project to rid Youngstown of its blighted properties. Youngstown Mayor John McNally and Major General John C. Harris, Jr. were both on hand Monday morning when an old house on Hudson Avenue came tumbling down. It’s just one of 28 houses that will be demolished, and it’s all free to the city thanks to federal grants. McNally said it’s a win-win situation and one that makes neighbors very happy. “I think they’re having a good time on a couple of fronts. They enjoy tearing these houses down and getting training on how to do it, but I also think they like talking to the residents,” he said. McNally said by the end of the year, the city will tear down a total of 500 houses. That’s more than double the numbers from last year. National Guard members are going to be in Youngstown through the end of this week, helping the city with as many demo projects as it can. To read the full story from WKBN, click here.