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YNDC Delivers Complaints to Company in S.C. - WYTV

Members of the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation and ACTION Youngstown got up early Saturday morning to hop on a bus to South Carolina.

The purpose? To meet with executives from Vision Property Management at their headquarters.

The group hopes to address what they’re calling unfair housing practices by Vision. They say Vision has been issuing predatory land contracts that lock people into agreements to pay far more for a home than what it’s actually worth and sticking them with the cost of repairs.

Some homes were so bad, they had to be torn down. When Vision doesn’t pay for that, it falls onto the city or the landbank.

So, YNDC Organizer Anika Jacobs says what they want is simple.

“What we want them to do is pay for the demos that have been done on properties that they own. Also, to get them to hopefully give back money to those who have lost their homes through Vision Property. We just want them to stop the predatory lending practices,” she said. To read the full story from WYTV, click here.