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YNDC and City of Youngstown Complete Tree Management Plan for Crandall Park and Boulevard Park Neighborhoods

Thursday, December 1, 2016

On Thursday, December 1, 2016, Davey Resource Group completed a tree management plan for the Boulevard Park and Crandall Park neighborhoods. The management plan was completed by Davey Resource Group through a collaborative project between the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, YNDC, and City of Youngstown. The project was funded by The Raymond John Wean Foundation.

The management plan process included an inventory and inspection of every tree in the public right of way in both neighborhoods. In Crandall Park, a total of 2,467 sites were recorded during the inventory: 1,382 trees, 50 stumps, and 1,035 planting sites. In Boulevard Park, a total of 808 sites were recorded during the inventory: 498 trees, 17 stumps, and 293 planting sites. The data collected was analyzed and utilized to complete a tree management plan that will guide the work of the City of Youngstown, YNDC, neighborhood groups, and other community organizations to remove, maintain, and plant trees. The Crandall Park and Boulevard Park neighborhoods were selected through an open competition in which ten neighborhoods applied. A full copy of the tree management plan can be downloaded below.