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WKBN Scholarship 5th Runner-Up – Mia Salvato - WKBN

The WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign honors the winners of this year’s Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship contest.

With more than 200 entries – Mia Salvato, a senior at the Trumbull Career and Technical Center, was our 5th Runner-Up. Mia wrote her Public Service Announcement for the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation. Here is her interview and winning script:


All animated

Bright sunny blue day, trees and buildings

Upbeat (but subtle) music playing, birds chirping, general outdoor noises.

Man walks past billboards

Billboard says “Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation”

Voiceover says: our community is, and always has been our greatest pride

Man walks further and a woman appears and begins walking with him, they walk further and find another friend, this quickly continues until there is a group of 10-15 people.

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation central purpose is to foster the transformation of undervalued and transitional neighborhoods into healthy neighborhoods where people are willing to invest their time, energy and resources and where residents can manage their own problems

The group walks to a garden and all have plants in their hands, when the voice gets to “transform neighborhoods and change lives”. The screen changes to a white background that has the logo and phone number come in using an effect that makes it (the name and phone number) look like it popped onto the screen

Voice over: By supporting our local efforts, our community can transform neighborhoods and change lives. By contacting us at 330-480-0423, you can help make Youngstown an even greater place!

The Caring for Our Community campaign is brought to you by our sponsor partners: Huntington Bank, Dunkin’ Donuts, Window World, Safelite AutoGlass and Braking Point Recovery Center.

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