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In the Trenches, ‘Happily’ Digging Out - The Business Journal

Across Youngstown, much work is underway to revitalize neighborhoods. The work done by larger groups is easily noticed – countering blight by tearing down houses beyond repair are community efforts that draw dozens – and then there the everyday efforts by residents in their neighborhoods that lay the foundation for those big projects.

This grassroots work is taking place across the city, transforming the landscape of Youngstown as activists spend countless – and sometimes thankless – hours working for something as simple as a bus stop, as Marguerite Douglas did in Lincoln Knolls.

On the West Side, John Slanina and the Rocky Ridge Neighborhood Association have brought new life to the Mahoning Avenue corridor, while on the South Side, the Rev. Ed Noga is part of a multifaith team that’s spurred activity in the Oak Hill neighborhood. And Sybil West, a lifelong resident of Bennington Avenue, has worked both on her own and as part of collaboratives to revitalize Youngstown. To read the full story from The Business Journal, click here