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SNAP Program to Provide more Produce to Valley Families in Need - WFMJ

One local Sparkle Market is continuing to help feed our Valley by providing food for those who need it most.

Thanks to new grant programs, Youngstown residents on food assistance will be about to get more green for less green. The SNAP Double Program allows people who are on SNAP to get up to ten additional dollars of produce each day for each $10 they buy. The program is only available at the Cornersburg Sparkle Market on South Meridian Rd. The new incentive is for people to eat healthier. "Anyone who gets SNAP or EBT or food stamps, as it's commonly known, often time aren't able to purchase enough fruit and vegetables for a healthy diet," said Anthony Florig from the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation. To read the full story from WFMJ, click here.