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The Keyword for Revitalization: Collaboration - The Business Journal

The Taft Promise Neighborhood program has worked with 61 organizations, businesses and community groups to improve the 1.3-square-mile neighborhood. 

Some of the names on the list are easily recognizable: Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. and United Way of Youngstown and Mahoning Valley. Others aren’t as well known: Youngstown Inner City Gardens, Charity Funding Resources and United Returning Citizens. Regardless of how often their names appear in headlines, each of the 61 plays a crucial role in the revitalization of Taft Promise Neighborhood. “There’s room at the table for everyone,” says April Alexander, executive director of community organization. “That’s the key to meeting the needs of a neighborhood. It takes a city, all these factions, to meet the needs of a community.” Across Youngstown, partnerships have been formed at every level to revitalize the city. Some partnerships are simple. Youngstown CityScape, for example, donates flowers to neighborhood groups to beautify their areas, provided that the group takes care of them. Others, such as the alliance between Taft Promise Neighborhood and YNDC, delve deeper into the revitalization efforts. To read the full story from The Business Journal, click here.