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Crandall Park Neighbors Plan for Future - WKBN

Neighbors, volunteers and Youngstown city leaders put their heads together to make their part of town a better place to live.

Dozens of people showed up Tuesday evening at the Stambaugh Golf Course club house to listen to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation go over the Crandall Park Neighborhood action plan. The Crandall Park neighborhood is located on the city’s upper north side.

Some of the priorities identified in the 38-page plan are:

Housing and property issues including litter, illegal dumping, code violations, vacant homes, non-maintained vacant lots and abandonment.

Infrastructure repair and maintenance issues pertaining to repairing and maintaining existing infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks and street lights.

Crime and safety concerns, including addressing crime hot spots in both vacant and occupied homes.

The plan also identifies 25 priority properties targeted for either demolition or housing code enforcement based on their condition or proximity to Harding Elementary School. It also lists 23 priority properties for board-up and cleanup, with nine of them on Lora Avenue and 10 on Norwood Avenue alone.

The plan also identifies 20 crime hot spots that had the highest number of calls for service to the Youngstown Police Department between Jan. 1, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2013.

Back in the spring, YNDC held a series of meetings so people could voice concerns about issues and needs in their neighborhoods. Based on that feedback, YNDC officials came up with specific plans and practical recommendations that can easily and immediately be put into place.

“The four goals of the plan are all around the input we received, which relates to housing and property conditions, jobs, crime and safety, and infrastructure,” YNDC Executive Director Ian Beniston said.

Beniston said the next step is to form a neighborhood action team to help implement the plan. Two such teams are already up and running in other parts of the city, including the Rocky Ridge neighborhood on the west side, and Powerstown on the south side.

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