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Breaking Down Walls and Boarding Up Homes: Still So Much Left to Do - WYTV

Across Youngstown on Monday, several groups paused to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King’s message. His famous “I Have a Dream” speech still echoes in the minds and hearts of many, making it even more prevalent today.

With that in mind, it was addressing the racial conflicts in society and cleaning up our neighborhoods that banded several groups together. “We have to use this time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, ‘What are we doing, each of us, to address the racial divide?'” said Dr. Willie Jennings, with Yale University’s Divinity School. Jennings was at the First Presbyterian Church on Wick Avenue on Monday, addressing racial issues and how to create what he calls a “just and beloved” community. “Racial division is built upon geographic separation, segregation, and so we have to start to challenge that if we’re going to have a viable future,” he said. Jennings talked about how every aspect of a community has to come together with a common goal to foster education and entrepreneurship while addressing racial divides. “We have to think about how we live and where we live,” he said. To read the full story from WYTV, click here.