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14 Homes Rehabbed: YNDC posts 2017 ‘Revitalization Recap’ Stats - WKBN

Leaders and volunteers with the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation are busy, as evidenced by the statistics released by the organization Wednesday. The YNDC put out a revitalization recap going over what it and its volunteers have accomplished so far in 2017.

According to YNDC:

9,372 yards or areas of grass have been cut

1,317 volunteers have worked at 19 community workdays

3,817 cubic yards of debris have been removed

25,743 linear feet of sidewalks have been scraped

14 houses have been completely rehabilitated

1,224 students have been helped at 36 Safer Routes to School events

The YNDC is always looking for volunteers and people interested in getting involved with its mission. To read the full story from WKBN, click here.