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Jodi Malmisur Earns BLIGHT FIGHTER T-shirt for Volunteering

Friday, June 23, 2017

Jodi Malmisur is the second volunteer to earn a BLIGHT FIGHTER T-shirt for volunteering at six YNDC workdays! Jodi received her T-shirt while participating in her SEVENTH workday, the Idora Neighborhood Workday on Saturday, June 17. We would like to thank Jodi for her time and dedication to fighting blight in Youngstown! You could be the next volunteer to earn a free T-shirt! YNDC is offering a free BLIGHT FIGHTER T-shirt to those who participate and sign in at a minimum of six workdays in 2017. Several others are close to earning their T-shirt and YNDC has a number of upcoming opportunities to get involved. Check out our calendar or get more info here about volunteering at Community Workdays.