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Glenwood Business Spotlight: Inspiring Minds Youngstown

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tanisha Wheeler and Stephanie Gilchrist of Inspiring Minds Youngstown sat down with us to talk about their first month at the Glenwood Business Center.

Tanisha has been with Inspiring Minds for about two years and Stephanie served on the board then became Executive Director last year. Inspiring Minds Youngstown is an after school and summer enrichment program that focuses on professional development, creative education, and college preparation for at-risk and underserved youth in the City of Youngstown. Inspiring Minds started in the Warren area in 2006 and the Youngstown branch was the first to expand about four years ago. A branch has since been opened in Philadelphia and branches plan to open in New York and Raleigh, NC in 2019. Stephanie and Tanisha saw there was a demand for high school programming in the area and decided they needed their own space after running the programming at area schools. Tanisha says the Glenwood Business Center has been the perfect space for Inspiring Minds, allowing students to gather in common areas then break out into separate spaces to work on creative projects or homework. While we were there, students were busy recording an Inspiring Minds podcast in the music room. Stephanie says that the open-ended creative projects are intended to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in the students and encourage them to take charge of their own futures. She says the students really appreciate that a space has been dedicated just for them. We’d like to thank Tanisha and Stephanie for sitting down with us and wish them luck as they continue Inspiring Minds Youngstown programming at the Glenwood Business Center.