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Former Gina’s Drive Thru on Glenwood Cleaned and Greened

Gina’s Drive Thru, once located at 1942 Glenwood Avenue, was one of the worst nuisance properties on Glenwood Avenue. Rife with crime, public intoxication and vagrancy, shutting thisstore down was a high priority for surrounding residents and business owners. After years of public outcry, the store finally closed its doors in 2015. Not long after, the building caught fire and became a public eyesore and safety hazard. YNDC partnered with the City of Youngstownto have the building demolished in late 2016, and conducted a community workday in March to clear cut the dense weeded overgrowth from the back of the property and clean up the surrounding sidewalks. In the summer of 2017, the property was graded and seeded through a partnership between YNDC staff and Ransom Ware of Ware’s Demolition, who provided technical support and assisted with site clearance and cleanup. This formerly nuisance property has now been converted into a community asset that complements the adjacent Mineral Springs garden. Treeplantings for the site are currently in the works to convert this lot into a usable public open space for the surrounding community.