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Lots of Green

Lots of Green, YNDC’s vacant land reuse program seeks to repurpose vacant land and empower city residents to transform the physical fabric of their neighborhoods. Since 2010 the program has completed hundreds of lot cleanups, with projects both stabilizing entire blocks in strategic neighborhoods and resident-led projects that enhance neighborhoods throughout the city. Projects have included basic vacant lot cleanups and stabilizations, community gardens, urban farms, wildflower meadows, rain gardens, pocket parks, a youth golf course, and orchards.

Currently, YNDC is participating in a 5-year, 3-city study of the effect of vacant land reuse on youth violence in neighborhoods run by the University of Michigan. This project includes opportunities for groups to receive grants to involve youth in vacant lot projects in their neighborhoods. The Youth Greening Grant will be announced each Spring 2016-2018, and projects will be awarded that will clean up at least 25 lots per year.

YNDC staff are available to help you complete your project! If you need advice on site or project planning, funding, water access, or zoning for vacant lot projects, please email Jack Daugherty at, or call the office at 330.480.0423.