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Employees and nearly a dozen volunteers at the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. spent Wednesday evening preparing scores of postcards, but rather than a glossy depiction of a beach or a sunset behind a lighthouse, the cards bore the image of a crumbling house on Youngstown’s South Side.

The city of Cincinnati’s aggressive tactics in confronting two land contract companies it criticized for “predatory” practices could provide a road map as Youngstown attempts to rein in the problem.

Interviews with One Health Ohio CEO Ronald Dwinnells and Mayor Jamael Tito Brown.

One Health Ohio plans to spend approximately $4 million to convert and equip the former Bottom Dollar Food grocery store building on the South Side for use as a health clinic.

Thrive Mahoning Valley is an organization dedicated to helping people relocate to the Valley from Puerto Rico. Co-founder Justin Mondok thinks a welcoming hand should be something that comes naturally to a community.